My translations from Yiddish are listed below, grouped according to Yiddish author.

I am available for freelance translation work.

Miriam Karpilove

Diary of a Lonely Girl, or the Battle against Free Love (Syracuse University Press, 2019)

excerpt from In geveb

excerpt from Your Impossible Voice

excerpt from Queen Mob’s Teahouse

“Freydl” in Columbia Journal

“New York’s First-Time Women Voters” in Jewish Currents

excerpt from A Provincial Newspaper in Pakn Treger 2019 Translation Issue

“Theatre: A Sketch” in Digital Yiddish Theatre Project

Yenta Serdatsky

“An Old Woman with Young Dreams” in Pakn Treger 2019 Translation Issue

“She Waits,” “The Young Widow,” and “The Loyal Cousin” in Have I Got a Story For You: More than a Century of Yiddish Fiction from the Forward.  (Norton, 2016)

“Platonic Love” in

“Search for the Woman” in Pakn Treger 2014 Translation Issue. Reprinted in The Abandoned Book: A New Collection of Yiddish Translations

Leon Kobrin

“Blessed is the True Judge” in In geveb

Dora Schulner

“Recollections About N. M. Shaykevitsh (Shomer)” in Pakn Treger, December 2019.

Rosa Palatnik

“Ne’ilah” and “The Yom Kippur Light Went Out” on the website of the Yiddish Book Center

Joseph Opatoshu

“A Lynching” in In geveb

Hava Shapiro

“Elisheva the Poet” (with Sonia Gollance) in To Tread on New Ground: Selected Hebrew Writings of Hava Shapiro. Ed. Carole Balin and Wendy Zierler.  (Wayne State University Press, 2014)

A. Almi (Elyash)

“Father of the Whole World” in Jewish Currents

Getsl Selikovich

“The Small Opinions of Great Men” (with Corbin Allardice, Matt Johnson, and Jonah Lubin) in Pakn Treger 2019 Translation Issue

“The Institute for Facial Reform (A Fantastical Story)” on the website of the Yiddish Book Center, reprinted in Funny, Ha Ha

Not pictured: Y. Adler

“Elul,” in CCAR Journal, December 2018.

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