by Miriam Karpilove, translated by Jessica Kirzane

Farlag Press, January 2022

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Karpilove’s debut, an epistolary novel published when she was twenty-three, follows the tumultuous relationship between a small-town Jewish girl uprooted due to antisemitic violence and the dashing revolutionary who routinely disappoints her.

Reviews and Press:

Sean Sidky, “Love is Death”: Judith: A Tale of Love and Woe, In geveb.

Emily Burack, “8 Jewish Books You Should Read This January,” Alma.

Mikhail Krutikov, “ייִדישער ליבע־ראָמאַן פֿון 1911 איז אַרויס אויף ענגליש [Yiddish romance novel of 1911 now in English],” Forverts.

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